Our Louisiana Culture
Mello Joy Coffee Company was established in 1936 in the heart of Cajun Louisiana. Our product quickly became a favorite beverage in Southern Louisiana, with the soothing aroma of Mello Joy coffee bringing together family and friends to share in good times and great memories.

Whether enjoying a steaming cup of Mello Joy to top off a famed Creole meal in New Orleans or following an original Cajun gumbo or crawfish etouffee, the Original Cajun Coffee has been as important of a pastime as Zydeco music and Mardi Gras parades.

The migration of the French Acadians to South Louisiana began as early as 1755, when they refused to renounce their Roman Catholic faith as war between France and England was near. In the next two decades, Acadians began to settle in South Louisiana, where they were welcomed in the French territory. Families established small farms along the Mississippi River, Bayou Teche and other streams and waterways in the area.

Today, an area of 22 parishes make up the region known as Acadiana. Lafayette, home to Mello Joy, is the unofficial capital of the region.



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