Our coffee has a rich heritage that sparks memories of those who drank their first cup of Mello Joy years ago, and a flavor that inspires loyalty among those who are discovering it for the first time. We enjoy hearing your stories. Please share them here and read what others have to say.

Cpl Adam Jensen
I am in the United States Marine Corps and have often drank coffee to help me stay awake on post. I am currently deployed to Iraq with 3rd Battalion 8th Marines. Lcpl Arceneaux, one of the Marines I work with, got a package from home with some coffee in it and asked me if I liked coffee. Of course I said yes and then he proceed to ask me what kind I like to drink. I told him I usually just get something cheap. He said you haven't tried coffee until you have some Mello Joy. I must say that it was the best coffee that I have ever tried. He said it would have been better if we didn't have such a piece of junk coffee pot, but what are you going to do when you are in Iraq. I will definitely be ordering some when I get back to the States.
Cpl Jensen
USMC 0311
Drew Michel
Dear Mello-Joy
Ce Bon coffee! Mello-Joy is the greatest coffee that I have ever had.--- Starbuck's should be ashamed.---Every customer I deal with in Houston sends me referrals just for a free bag of your java. Thanks for the product, I can't wait till we start seeing some coffee houses around Houston.
One question--can I get flavored whole bean coffee? Let me know before I make my next order. I have ordered a case before, but I gave away my Southern Pecan before I could even find out if it was whole bean.
Keep the the good work,
Drew Michel
Heidi Sue Giles
I had dinner at Prejeans a few of months ago. After dinner I had coffee. It was one of the best cups of coffee that I had ever had. I asked the server what brand they used; sure I would hear a worldwide name brand. That was my first exposure to Mello Joy coffee. I recently moved from Louisiana and stopped in LaFayette on my way out of town and bought 6 bags! I am out now
and need to order more.
The truth be had; I was a die hard Starbucks coffee addict.
Mello Joy is just as good, if not better.
I have switched coffee now that I can buy it on line.

Thank you

Heidi Sue Giles
Training Consultant
The Pacific Sierra Region
Jason Culotta, Colorado

Wow, first I have to say 'thanks'! I've been a regular drinker and supporter of Community Coffee for years. I was born and raised in Lafayette, La and have been living in Colorado for about 14 years. I'd have Mom ship me the 'goods' every now and then when I would run out. I was visitng Lafayette last Christmas and noticed the new coffee shop on Ambassador Caffery and asked Mom what it was all about. She told me the history and later on in that spring sent me a package of your medium roast. Bam! I was instantly converted... so converted, that I threw out all my old Community Coffee packs and have switched over. Now Mom sends me the 'Mello Joy goods' every now and then. But, it even gets better, now your web site is up and I can order it online.
I'm so proud that ' The Original Cajun Coffee' is back! History repeats itself.
Java Joi,
Jason Culotta
Liz Foster, Texas
Dear Mello Joy,
I was in Lafayette over the weekend and flipped when I saw your coffee pot in a restaurant! I was so excited to see that yellow and black is back! I was too young to drink it growing up, but made oceans of Mello Joy for my mother. She ordered it by the case in #2 cans and made it in a French drip pot that I still have. Those cans are vessels of memories from my childhood---they dished dog food, held grasshoppers captive, toted fishing worms, doled out fence paint, stored crayons and nails, lifted grills over campfires, and molded mud pies, just to recall a few. Archeologists will find them scattered all over Caddo Parish! Mother cursed the Community buy out but managed to get used to the idea and still drinks Community. I’m sure that will change that will change when I send her the 4 pounds of Mello Joy I bought for this weekend. She’ll go back to ordering it in no time! Now that I’m “old enough” to drink coffee, I enjoyed a cup while I was there! Glad your back in business!
Liz Foster
Dallas, Texas (By way of Shreveport)
Pamela and Les Myers, from AZ to FL
Our 'coffee' story starts as we were passing through Lafayette, driving from AZ to FL, my husband LOVED a cup of your coffee at a local restaurant. Although they retailed it, they graciously suggested we pick it up at a local grocery store on our way out town the next morning. We did just that. Not one bag but 6 bags, regular and decaf, medium roast. Now there are a couple of cool things about your coffee. First I have never been able to drink coffee; tolerate its' taste, or stomach it. Brewing odors can bother me too. Secondly,my husband who has loved coffees for years, has almost stopped drinking coffee entirely because it has bothered his stomach the last 3-4 years. MELLO JOY however is a delight to smell brewing, I sip it a little, and my husband is now enjoying coffee again, day or night. Anyone who has shared coffee with us at home has asked to take it some home with them. Not only are we planning to order more for ourselves, but also as several gifts!!! Congratulations on your comeback. Community better watch their backs! (I can't stand to smell their coffee!)

Sincerely delighted,
Pamela and Les Myers
Paula Porter, Monroe, LA
I have been a Community coffee drinker (dark roast, of course!) for years and had never heard of Mello Joy until I was in Lafayette last year and had the pleasure, & I do mean 'pleasure', of drinking a cup of Mello Joy while I was there. One sip was all it took! I thought I could find it in the Monroe area but was not able to. I am a big LSU fan so am in Baton Rouge a lot during football season & looked in numerous stores there but couldn't find it either. When I went to Lafayette this past weekend the first thing I did was find a store that carried Mello Joy & bought 10 bags to bring home with me. Any coffee that leaves such an impression on me that I haven't forgotten about it for a whole year is really something. The name says it all...it is mellow & it is certainly a joy! Thank you for making this wonderful treat! I am thrilled to know that I can order it on line and won't have to wait until another trip to Lafayette to get more - I'm not sure I could go another whole year without it!

Paula Porter
Monroe, LA
Sue Gelston, Lafayette, LA
Recently, on a Saturday morning, my husband and I went to the cafe on Ambassador Caffery to have breakfast. I'd seen the ads and heard the commercials for Mello Joy and decided to try a cup. I drink decaf. I've tried various brands (ground and whole bean), including Gevalier, but mainly used Folgers. After my first cup of Mello Joy, I was hooked. I like a strong, rich coffee and this cup was fantastic. The flavor was warm, rich and mellow and did not leave a bitter after taste like a lot of coffees can. I bought a bag of ground and whole bean to try at home and have made the switch permanently. My husband and I enjoy coffee in the evening after dinner and this is a treat! We're not from Louisiana originally and knew nothing about the history of Mello Joy. We're singing its praises and plan to send some to our family in the Northeast.

Sue Gelston, Lafayette, LA
Gay Humphries, Monroe, La.
I am 67 years old and have never really cared that much for coffee but I got to sample your coffee and ever since I only buy Mello Joy coffee! I am constantly telling everyone I meet to please try your coffee and they will love it! it is such a mild and smooth coffee with no bitter after taste. I am so glad this is a Louisiana product since I live in Monroe. Thank you so very much for a wonderful product!
Gwendolyn Riddick, Lafayette, La.

I have been an avid Mello Joy Coffee fan for over a year even when i evacuated for the hurricanes last year I made sure I had plenty of Mello Joy coffee with me (I LOVE IT!). I was a past die hard drinker of another brand for many years but the bitter after taste got to be so bad I started "coffee hopping" in order to try other coffees. I can honestly say that I enjoy each and every cup of Mello Joy coffee I have drank since I tried my first cup of Mello Joy at the convenience store down the street from my house. By the way, my favorite blend is the "Between Roast"! I like it best because I can make it as strong or as weak as I like and it still has that awesome taste!! Blessings to you and THANKS for bringing Mello Joy Coffee back to us Cajuns!!!!

Keith Wnham, Flowood, Mississippi
My wife served a sample of your Mello Joy Coffee while in New Orleans last month. I am 53 years old and have tried ALL brands of coffee...By far, your coffee is the best that I have ever had. Please tell me where around Jackson, Mississippi I can purchase your coffee. I am ready to throw away my Starbucks!
Pat & Roland Guidry, formerly of Breaux Bridge, La.
Many thanks for the Mello Joy Coffee! My uncle next door in Breaux Bridge, La. Whitney Trahan, was the original bookkeeper for Mello Joy in the "Will and Louise Begnaud" days and, as a result, we grew up knowing all about Mello Joy Coffee and remember my parents drinking it "drip brewed and sweetened in the pot". Everyone in Breaux Bridge drank Mello Joy Coffee; drinking your competitor's brand in those days was like being a Baptist rather than a Catholic in Acadiana Louisiana!
Brian Patterson
Mello Joy Coffee is by far the best coffee I have ever drank. I tried it for the first time today. I will never drink another brand of coffee even if a terrorist captures me and try's to make me drink something else!



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